934-AH RTU

934-AH™ RTU
Glass Microfiber Filters
The filter you trust most just got better.

Whatman 934-AH, the most widely used filter for Total Suspended Solids Analysis, is now available in a time-saving, Ready-To-Use (RTU) format.

The 934-AH RTU contains the trusted binder-free, high purity borosilicate glass microfiber filter mentioned in Standard Methods. Now it comes pre-washed and pre-weighed. This eliminates filter pre-treating and streamlines your laboratory process. Each RTU filter is packaged within an aluminum pan with the filter weight clearly printed on a heat resistant label.

Features and Benefits

    Fast and convenient: Use the pre-washed, pre-weighed filter immediately – no need to pre-treat.
    Efficient: Superior fine particle retention at high flow rates.
    High loading capacity: Capable of processing very turbid samples.
    High temperature tolerant: Can be used with temperatures up to 550°C.


The 934-AH RTU meets the requirements under the latest edition of Standard Methods 2540D for determining total suspended solids in water. It is used for a wide range of water monitoring applications including:

    Monitoring of rivers, lakes and coastal waters
    Purified discharge of wastewater treatment plants
    Monitoring discharge water from industrial plants

Ready-To-Use (RTU) Work Flow

Each pre-treated filter comes in an aluminum pan, with the filter weight clearly noted.

First, place the 934-AH RTU on the funnel of the vacuum filtration apparatus and seal the filter to the funnel by wetting with a small amount of water. Then, filter your sample* and finally, wash the filter with three aliquots of 10 ml reagent grade water.

Remove the filter, return it to the aluminum weigh pan and dry it to constant weight at 103°C to 105°C. To obtain the weight of total suspended solids, subtract the weight of the filter indicated on the pan label from the final weight.

* Sample volume should be chosen to yield between 2.5 mg and 200 mg of dried residue. See Standard Methods 2540D for details.

Catalog Number     Description

9907-042                42.5 mm 100/pk.
9907-047                47 mm 100/pk.
9907-055                55 mm 100/pk.

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