Acid Treated Low Metal TCLP Filters

into groundwater, threatening drinking water sources.

Used for EPA Method 1311
The Whatman TCLP Filter is manufactured using a binder free borosilicate glass microfiber with a particle retention rating of 0.6 µm to 0.8 µm.

These acid treated low metal filters are available in 47 mm, 90 mm, 110 mm, 125 mm, 142 mm, and 150 mm diameters. The 90 mm filter is required for volatile samples and use with a Zero Headspace Extractor. The 142 mm filter is typically used with non-volatile samples in an approved jar.

Catalog Number     Description

Acid Treated Low Metal TCLP Filters

1810-047               TCLP, circles, 47 mm, 100/pk
1810-090               TCLP, circles, 90 mm, 50/pk
1810-110               TCLP, circles, 110 mm, 50/pk
1810-125               TCLP, circles, 125 mm, 50/pk
1810-142               TCLP , circles, 142 mm, 50/pk
1810-150               TCLP, circles, 150 mm, 50/pk

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