Analytical balance series AS/X

Balances series AS/X represent standard level of analytical balances. They feature backlit graphic
display. Measurement accuracy and reliability is assured by system of automatic internal
adjustment/calibration, triggered by time flow or temperature conditions.
Analytical balances series AS/X are offered with capacities 110, 160, 220 and 310 g with readability
of 0,1 mg.Series AS/X is equipped with optional software for pipette calibration.
GLP procedure in AS/X series has a form of a easily modifiable content with selection of multiple
variables. User has access to spacious weighing chamber with sliding top and side glass doors. AS/X
series is equipped with RS 232 socket, PS/2, additional display socket and possibility of weighing
loads outside the main weighing platform (under-hook weighing). Under-hook weighing is an
alternative for determiantion of mass with loads that have non-standard dimensions and shapes and
those which create magnetic field.

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