Application Specific Filters

KSE Scientific offers a line of cellulose filter papers for specific applications. The product line includes filter papers for use in soil analysis and filter papers for the sugar industry.

Grade 0048
Filter mat made from a mixture of cellulose and polyester. This mat is used for optically testing baby food (artificial milk) for textile fibers.

Grade 72
Composite cellulose/glass filter loaded with activated carbon. Used to absorb radioactive iodine in air pollution monitoring and in nuclear installations.

Grade 287 ½
Kieselguhr paper with a medium to slow flow rate. Additional adsorption effect, e.g., for the separation of very fine semi-colloidal turbidity, for clarifying milk serum, starch solutions, soil suspensions or sugar-containing solutions prior to polarimetry or refractometry. Available prepleated.

Grade 551
Black colored paper with a medium to slow flow rate. Provides contrast for the detection of very fine traces of white precipitates.

Grade 2555 ½ 
A medium fast filter paper. Used for the filtration of the mash for the determination of the extract in malt and wort and for removing carbon dioxide from beer.

Soil analysis filter papers


Grade 0790 ½
Acid-washed paper with ash content of approximately 0.01%, low magnesium, for the determination of trace elements (Mg, Mn, Co, Cu, Mo, B).


Grade 512 ½
Low phosphate papers approximately 1.5 ppm phosphate, for the filtration of calcium lactate extracts from soil samples for the determination of K and P according to Egnér, Riehm and Lederle. Available prepleated.

Sugar/food industry filter papers

Grade 3000, 3002 and 3459
Creped or smooth filter papers, Grades 3000, 3002 and 3459, have good retentivity at a relatively high filtration speed. They are used for the clarifying filtration of:
  • Dried beet pulp extracts
  • Beet juice after the addition of lead acetate for subsequent polarimetric sugar determination
  • Grade 3459 is specifically designed for the Venema unit (lead acetate method)
Typical Properties - Application Specific Filters
GradePropertiesFiltration Speed
in Herzberg (s)
Thickness (mm)Weight (g/m2)
Soil analysis filter papers
0790 ½Low Mg and P2250.1784
512 ½Low phosphate3750.1684

Sugar industry filter papers
3000Fast, smooth47.50.1668
3002Medium fast, smooth750.1460

Specially for the venema unit
3459Fast, creped550.3075

Malt and beer filter
2555 ½-550.1775

Food industry mat (cellulose/polyester)

Detection of contaminants
551Colored black4250.295

Activated carbon loaded paper

Kieselguhr paper
287 ½-3300.36161

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Ordering Information - Application Specific Filters
Catalog NumberDescription

Grade 0048

10348903Grade 0048 circles, 32 mm 1000/pk

Grade 72

1872-047Grade 72 circles, 47 mm 100/pk
1872-060Grade 72 circles, 60 mm 100/pk

Grade 287 ½

10310244Grade 287 1/2 folded filters, 125 mm, 50/pk
10310245Grade 287 1/2 folded filters, 150 mm 50/pk
10310247Grade 287 1/2 folded filters, 185 mm 50/pk

Grade 512 ½

10310643Grade 512 1/2 folded filters, 110 mm 100/pk
10310645Grade 512 1/2 folded filters, 150 mm 100/pk
10310647Grade 512 1/2 folded filters, 185 mm 100/pk

Grade 551

10310807Grade 551 circles black, 55 mm 100/pk
10310808Grade 551 circles black, 70 mm 100/pk
10310809Grade 551 circles black, 90 mm 100/pk
10310810Grade 551 circles black, 110 mm, 100/pk

Grade 0790 ½

10301645Grade 0790 1/2 folded filters, 150 mm 100/pk
10301647Grade 0790 1/2 folded filters, 185 mm 100/pk

Grade 2555 ½

10313947Grade 2555 1/2 folded filters, 185 mm 100/pk
10313951Grade 2555 1/2 folded filters, 240 mm 100/pk
10313953Grade 2555 1/2 folded filters, 320 mm 100/pk

Grade 3000

10316114Grade 3000 circles, 185 mm 1000/pk

Grade 3002

10316619Grade 3459 circles, 230 mm 1000/pk
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