Wheaton Science Products has long been an innovator in cell culture flasks. The patented Wheaton Magna Flex« impeller produces high-yield cultures by maintaining even circulation while keeping microcarriers in suspension. Slow acceleration and slow stop from the Wheaton Micro-Stir« stirrer prevent cell detachment. Wheaton also invented an adjustable impeller flask that does not have a rod extending through the top of a flask. In today¦s market the Celstir« design is the standard flask type for cell culture. Celstir flasks feature adjustable blade impeller for increased aeration and dimpled bottom to prevent the accumulation of cells under the impeller (dimpled bottom on 125 mL size and larger). When used with the Micro-Stir, which can operate at very low speeds, the Celstir flask provides an optimum environment for most suspension lines, including insect cell cultures. Hybridomas and adapted cell lines can also be grown in these spinner flasks. Sidearms on Magna Flex and Celstir vessels 500 mL and larger were widened to accommodate monitoring and control devices or media inlet/outlet lines. Wheaton has now moved cell culture another step forward with its innovative MantaRayÖ single-use culture flask. The MantaRay comes presterilized to protect cell cultures. The MantaRay has a unique impeller that provides efficient, gentle stirring for both suspension or microcarrier culture. The MantaRayÖ is disposable; discard it after use and save the time, trouble and expense of autoclaving and cleaning it. The MantaRay is made of unbreakable cell-friendly materials, which enhances lab safety. 1 year warranty. This complete system comes with the vessel, impeller assembly and top drive motor. (When ordering, please specify 10, 19 or 45 liter vessels to provide working volumes of 8.5, 16 or 36 liters respectively). The large, adjustable height PTFE paddle (part of the impeller assembly) works together with the dimple in the bottom of the flask to provide gentle, even distribution and reduce dead areas. The impeller's wetted components include 316L stainless steel, virgin PTFE and Rulon 641. Rulon 641 is a specially formulated compound of virgin PTFE and fillers approved by the FDA for use as a food component and thus for direct contact with food and drugs intended for oral consumption. The vessel is equipped with six or seven 45 mm sidearms to accommodate probes for monitoring and control, and tubing for sparging or media addition. The vessel and impeller sections are autoclavable; the lift-off top drive section is not autoclavable. Electrical Requirements: 100-120 VAC, 60Hz, 30 watts; 220-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 30 watts. Dimensions (vessel and OverdriveÖ together): (10 L 19 L) 29 cm Dia x 67 cm Hgt; (45 L) 41 cm Dia x 78 cm Hgt. This unit comes with one of seven standard electrical plugs. Additional configurations are available through special order. Catalog Number by voltage and supplied cord set.

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