This simple clip is used to securely close the gathered top of an autoclave bag after filling with waste materials and preparing to place in the autoclave. The stiff plastic design holds the bag neck closed but still allows the bag to release internal pressure that can develop during the autoclave cycle. The clip is easily closed and opened with one hand. After autoclaving, the clip is left on the bag for final disposal. The closed internal dimension of the clip is 7/16"" and is suitable for benchtop-sized bags or small Scienceware¬ę autoclave bags ranging in size from 12 x 24"" to 19 x 23"", bag catalog numbers 8-F131600009, 8-F131600005, 8-F131851224, 8-F131641419 and 8-F131641923. Use with larger bags is not advised. 100 per bag, 10 bags per case.

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