Clean Bench (economic)

Vertical laminar flow clean benches! ISO Class 4 air cleanliness as per ISO 14644.1 (equivalent to Class 10 as per US Federal Standard 209E)
High-quality pre-filter and main HEPA filter
Nominal downflow velocity of 0.3 m/sec (60 fpm)
Ergonomically sloped front

Model Name

Filtration Features

  • ISO Class 4 (US Class 10) HEPA filter for optimal protection against cross-contamination
  • Neoprene gaskets ensuring that the HEPA filter is airtight to the body unit
  • Durable HEPA filter (99.99% efficient on particles 0.3 micron)
  • High-quality polyester fiber pre-filter (with minimal pressure loss and 85% arrestance on the A.F.I. test) for trapping larger particles and increasing the life of the main HEPA filter.
    ※The HEPA filters life span depending on the test room conditions has a life span about 3 years.
  • Magnehelic differential pressure gauge measuring pressure drop across the HEPA filter to monitor its efficiency
  • Convenient change of filter cartridges by opening the upper front cover.

Safety Features

  • Smoothly sliding front door stoppable at any height with advanced sash mechanism.
  • UV-blocking and impact-resistant tempered glass door and side panels providing clear inside view
  • Built-in safety interlock switch which shuts off the UV light automatically when the door is opened inadvertently
    - Lighting mode selection by a 3-position toggle switch (UV/OFF/Fluorescent) preventing harmful UV exposure
  • Protection against overcurrent

Additional Features

  • Ergonomically designed sloped front providing clear inside view and free of protrusions obstructing tall users
  • Highly durable, rust-free, and easy-to-clean grade 304 stainless steel work surface
  • Smoothly sliding front door stoppable at any height for user safety and also for easy transport of equipments into the workspace
  • Adjustable blower control knob located next to the front blower switch
  • Electronically ballasted Fluorescent lamp installed on the top center roof inside the hood minimizing airflow disturbance and shadows in the workspace and relieves eye strain.
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