Specifications: Performs calculations and conversions + Times in hundredths of a second to 9 hours, 59 minutes, 59 seconds, and 99 hundredths + Size is 3-3/8 x 2-1/4 x 1/4 inches + Weight is 1 ounce Credit Card Calculator/Converter Complete Description Use Universal Converter to covert any unit to another, or use it as a calculator, stopwatch, or time-of-day clock with alarm Converts numbers from one unit to another instantly. Use in petroleum, biomedical, water/sewage, chemical, quality control, and research labs. Provides the convenience of a handbook at your fingers. Over a million scientific conversions possible Performs, in a single keystroke, conversions in area, force, weights, length, heat, flow, energy, time, noise, viscosity, or frequency. Ideal for anyone who measures in one unit and must report in another. Over a million scientific conversions are possible. Stores nine unique factors. Once a factor is stored, it remains until changed. The conversion factor may be any number between 99999 and 0.00001 and 6-, 7-, or 8-digit number ending in 0, 00, or 000. Combines four functions in a single, handy device: converter, calculator, digital stopwatch, and chronograph. As a stopwatch, it times in hundredths of a second to 9 hours, 59 minutes, 59 seconds, and 99 hundredths. Displays time-of-day to the second In the calculator mode it adds, subtracts, multiplies, and divides with floating decimal point. The chronograph displays time of day to the second in A.M./P.M. or 24-hour time. The chronograph also features a time-of-day alarm. Complete operation may be learned in less than one minute. Instructions printed on the back eliminate any need to refer to directions. Storing a conversion factor takes just two keystrokes. Supplied with eight-digit LCD display, 1-year silver-oxide battery, instructions, quick reference conversion labels, and clear carrying case. Size is 3-3/8 x 2-1/4 x 1/4 inches. Weight is 1 ounce. Replacement battery Cat. No. 291-8717

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