D3606 Application Column (packed, 2 column set)

  • Complete separation of ethanol and benzene, with a resolution value > 3.00.
  • Accurate quantification of benzene and toluene.
  • Fully conditioned two column set—ready to use out of the box.
  • Listed in the appendix of ASTM Method D3606 as an acceptable alternative to TCEP columns—get better separation of benzene and ethanol while still following ASTM method requirements.

Conforms to the specifications established in ASTM method D3606-10 for the quantitation of benzene and toluene in spark ignition fuel containing ethanol.

**The column set is designed to accommodate both valve injection and/or syringe injection. Column 1 is configured with a 2″ inlet void to facilitate on-column injection. The inlet is identified on both column 1 and column 2. Note: The inlet of column 2 is identified for proper orientation for connection to the valve.

catalog #column configunits
2 column set
General, Not-On-Column
2 column set
2 column set
Agilent, Not-On-Column
2 column set
PE Auto Sys
2 column set
Shimadzu 14A
2 column set

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