Economy Ovens

Model EX1, Economy Oven, Analog Controls, 1.0 cu. ft., (also: model E1300, E1310)
Reliable Performance

This  oven features a gravity convection design for efficient heating. The double wall insulation and 2 inches of industrial fiberglass insulation help to minimize heat loss. The low watt density heater keeps temperatures uniform and keep your energy consumption down.

Key Features include:

Three-inch Adjustable Port
Stainless Steel Shelves Adjustable on 1/2"
Independent Hydraulic Overtemperature Safety
High Temperature Silicone Door Seal
No Exposed Heating Elements
Wraparound Insulation for Excellent Heat Retention
Durable Powder Coat Paint Exterior Finish
Thermometer Supplied - Environmentally Safe
24-Month Limited Warranty

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