ETP Electron Multipliers

  • Air stable.
  • 2-year shelf life guarantee.
  • Discrete dynode design extends operating life.

The multi-dynode approach of all ETP multipliers results in longer lifetimes and better sensitivities compared with channel multipliers because of greater surface area.

The electron multipliers manufactured by ETP use a proprietary dynode material. This material has a number of properties that make it very suitable for use in an electron multiplier. It has very high secondary electron emission, which allows exceptional gain to be achieved from each dynode. This material is also very stable in air. In fact, an ETP multiplier can be stored for years before being used. As a direct result of the high stability of the active materials used in ETP multipliers, they come with a 2-year shelf life warranty (stored in original sealed package). Many testing laboratories take advantage of this long shelf life by keeping a replacement ETP multiplier on hand, ready for immediate installation. This keeps instrument downtime to a minimum.

*Note: The electron multipliers have been specifically developed to retrofit the original manufacturer's equipment. The detector incorporates a modular design to facilitate ease of replacement and additional innovations intended to enhance performance. First-time installation requires a mount that includes the mechanical housing. After initial installation, only the replacement electron multiplier is required.
†This unit is designed for use in the 5975, 5973 GC, and the LC-MSD (not for 5975C Triple Axis Detector).

Other ETP Electron Multipliers are available upon request. Call us or contact your Restek representative if you do not see your instrument listed.

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For Agilent 5970 GC-MS
For Agilent 5971, 5972, GC GC-MS
For Agilent 5973 and 5975 GC-MS (includes mount for initial installation)*†
For Agilent 5973 and 5975 GC-MS and LC-MSD (Replacement Multiplier)*†

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