Forced Convection Ovens (General Models)

Intensive drying performance with a powerful air-flow.

OF-G Models, quiet and with a strong air-flow for a high air exchange rate and short rise time that guarantees intensive drying performance, especially for material with high moisture content.

OF-02G (60L)
OF-12G (102L)
OF-22G (151L)

Operating features

• From +10℃ above room temperature to 250℃
• Microprocess PID control/ Auto-tuning / Calibration
• Digital timer: 1 min to 99 hr 59 min, delayed ON / OFF
• Over-temperature limiter / Door opening alarm 
• Conveniently preset 3 most commonly used temperature settings.
• LED display (1℃ resolution) with a touch keypads.
• RS-232 interface available

Constructional features

• Forced-air convection, noiseless sirocco fan which ensures proper circulation and strong dispersion of air.
• Sample viewing window with threefold tempered glass window. (optional)
• Optimized sample monitoring with threefold tempered safety glass window (optional)
• An adjustable fan speed with an analog dial to prevent powdered samples from blowing away. (optional)
• Dual walled door opens 180 degrees and features a double latch door handle.
• Rounded inner chamber corners for easy cleaning and uniformed air flow.
• Corrosion-resistance incoloy sheath heated and stainless steel interior.
• Adjustable 2 top ventilation vents to control the inner air vapor circulation.(dia 38mm / 1.5")

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