Manufactured with PP trays and dividers.

  • 8 different tray dimensions.
  • Impact resistant, durable, and excellent chemical resistance rating.
  • Adjustable trays can be placed at different heights.
  • The tray divider keeps stuff tidy and organized.

Locking mechanism.

  • Adopted self-lock handle convenient for keeping things secure, comes standard with lock for protection against unauthorized users.
  • Comes standard with lock for protection against unauthorized personnel.

Easily removable name plates.

  • Convenient and useful for keeping track of inventory.
  • 3 different sizes.

Epoxy powder coated.

  • High-grade steel constructed completely with galvanized and power coated surface for high protection against corrosion, and chemicals.

3 types of color choices.

Anchoring kit.
  • All tall cabinets include anchoring kits to fix the cabinet to the floor to prevent the cabinet from tipping over.

Ventilation system.

  • Hexagonal or trapezoidal ventilation space is formed between the innovatively designed cabinet side structures.
  • Exhaust fan. (optional)
    : Radial ventilators great for filtering out fumes lighter
      or heavier than air.
  • Exhaust fan and filter. (optional)
    : Ductless air filter system with active carbon filter absorbs the toxic

Gas cylinder cabinets are constructed for storage of gas cylinders inside building.

  • DS-GC Models.
    : Essentially convenient and standard safety functions are
      incorporated in the cabinets.
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