Glass Microfiber Binder Free

Grade GF/A: 1.6 µm
Offers fine particle retention and high flow rate, as well as good loading capacity. Used for high-efficiency general purpose laboratory filtration, including water pollution monitoring of effluents, for filtration of water, algae and bacteria cultures, foodstuff analyses, protein filtration and radioimmunoassay of weak ß emitters. Recommended for gravimetric determination of airborne particulates, stack sampling and absorption methods of air pollution monitoring.

This filter is also available in the FilterCup and Disposable Filter Funnel formats.

Grade GF/B: 1.0 µm
Three times thicker than GF/A with higher wet strength and significantly increased loading capacity. Combines fine particle retention with good flow rate. Particularly useful where liquid clarification or solids quantification is required for heavily loaded fine particulate suspensions. Can be used as a finely retentive membrane prefilter. Used in LSC techniques where high loading capacity is required.

Grade GF/C: 1.2 µm
Combines fine particle retention with good flow rate. The standard filter in many parts of the world for the collection of suspended solids in potable water and natural and industrial wastes.

Fast and efficient clarification of aqueous liquids containing low to medium levels of fine particulates. Widely used for cell harvesting, liquid scintillation counting and binding assays where more loading capacity is required.

This filter is available in the FilterCup format.

Grade GF/D: 2.7 µm
Considerably faster in flow rate and overall filtration speed than cellulose filter papers of similar particle retention. The filter is thick and consequently exhibits a high loading capacity. Designed as a membrane prefilter and available in sizes to fit most holders. GF/D will provide good protection for finely retentive membranes. Can be used in combination with GF/B to provide very efficient graded prefilter protection for membranes.

Grade GF/F: 0.7 µm
This high-efficiency filter will retain fine particles down to 0.7 µm. Unlike membrane filters with a comparable retention value, it has a very rapid flow rate and an extremely high loading capacity.

Because of the tight specification of 0.6 µm - 0.8 µm particle retention and pure borosilicate glass structure, GF/F is the material upon which the EPA Method TCLP 1311 for Toxicity Characteristic Leaching Procedure was developed. It remains today the filter of choice.

Recommended for DNA binding and purification. Very effective in filtering finely precipitated proteins, GF/F can be used in conjunction with GF/D as a prefilter for the successful clarification of extremely ‘difficult’ biochemical solutions and fluids, and nucleic acids.

This filter is available in the FilterCup and Disposable Filter Funnel format.

Grade 934-AH: 1.5 µm
The fine particle retention of this popular grade is superior for its high retention efficiency at high flow rates and its high loading capacity. This is a smooth surface, high-retention borosilicate glass microfiber filter which withstands temperatures over 500°C. Used for determining total suspended solids in water, removal of turbidity, and filtration of bacterial cultures. Grade 934-AH is used for a wide range of laboratory applications. It is recommended for water pollution monitoring, cell harvesting, liquid scintillation counting, and air pollution monitoring.

Quartz Filter – Grade QM-A: 2.2 µm
High-purity quartz (SiO2) microfiber filters are used for air sampling in acidic gases, stacks, flues and aerosols, particularly at high temperatures up to 500°C and in PM-10 testing. Due to the low level of alkaline earth metals, ‘artifact’ products of sulfates and nitrates (from SO2 and NO2) are virtually eliminated. QM-A, sequentially numbered according to EPA standards, is suitable for most applications. Please refer to the Air Sampling Filter/Quartz Filters section for ordering information.

Grade EPM 2000: 2.0 µm
EPM 2000 has been developed especially for use in high volume air sampling equipment that collects atmospheric particulates and aerosols. It is manufactured from 100% pure borosilicate glass of special purity enabling detailed chemical analysis of trace pollutants to take place with the minimum of interference or background.  See Air Sampling Filter/Quartz Filters section for ordering details.

Grade GMF 150: 1 µm or 2 µm
The Whatman GMF 150 is a multilayer glass microfiber filter with a coarse top layer (10 µm) and meshed with a finer layer of 1 µm or 2 µm. Manufactured from 100% borosilicate glass microfiber, the filter is binder free. It is an excellent prefilter for higher particulate loading capacity with faster flow rates. See GMF 150 section for ordering information.


Catalog Number Description

Grade GF/A
1820-8013     Grade GF/A circles, 13 mm, 100/pk
1820-021     Grade GF/A circles, 21 mm, 100/pk
1820-024     Grade GF/A circles, 24 mm, 100/pk
1820-025     Grade GF/A circles, 25 mm, 100/pk
1820-030     Grade GF/A circles, 30 mm, 100/pk
1820-037     Grade GF/A circles, 37 mm, 100/pk
1820-042     Grade GF/A circles, 42.5 mm, 100/pk
1820-047     Grade GF/A circles, 47 mm, 100/pk
1820-050     Grade GF/A circles, 50 mm, 100/pk
1820-055     Grade GF/A circles, 55 mm, 100/pk
1820-060     Grade GF/A circles, 60 mm, 100/pk
1820-061     Grade GF/A circles, 60 mm with reinforced rim, 50/pk
1820-070     Grade GF/A circles, 70 mm, 100/pk
1820-6537     Grade GF/A circles, 81 mm, 100pk
1820-090     Grade GF/A circles, 90 mm, 100/pk
1820-110     Grade GF/A circles, 110 mm, 100/pk
1820-125     Grade GF/A circles, 125 mm, 100/pk
1820-150     Grade GF/A circles, 150 mm, 100/pk
1820-240     Grade GF/A circles, 240 mm, 100/pk
1820-866     Grade GF/A sheets, 8 x 10 inches, 100/pk
1820-915     Grade GF/A sheets, 460 x 570 mm, 25/pk

1922-1820     Disposable Filter Funnel 25 ml, GF/A, 50/pk

Grade GF/B
1821-021     Grade GF/B circles, 21 mm, 100/pk
1821-024     Grade GF/B circles, 24 mm, 100/pk
1821-025     Grade GF/B circles, 25 mm, 100/pk
1821-037     Grade GF/B circles, 37 mm, 100/pk
1821-042     Grade GF/B circles, 42.5 mm, 100/pk

1821-047    Grade GF/B circles, 47 mm, 100/pk

1821-055     Grade GF/B circles, 55 mm, 100/pk
1821-070     Grade GF/B circles, 70 mm, 100/pk

1821-090     Grade GF/B circles, 90 mm, 25/pk
1821-110     Grade GF/B circles, 110 mm, 25/pk
1821-125     Grade GF/B circles, 125 mm, 25/pk
1821-150     Grade GF/B circles, 150 mm, 25/pk
1821-185     Grade GF/B circles, 185 mm, 25/pk
1821-914     Grade GF/B sheets, 460 x 570 mm, 5/pk
1821-915     Grade GF/B sheets, 460 x 570 mm, 25/pk

Grade GF/C
1822-021     Grade GF/C circles, 21 mm, 100/pk
1822-024     Grade GF/C circles, 24 mm, 100/pk
1822-025     Grade GF/C circles, 25 mm, 100/pk
1822-6580     Grade GF/C circles, 25 mm, 400/pk
1822-037     Grade GF/C circles, 37 mm, 100/pk
1822-042     Grade GF/C circles, 42.5 mm, 100/pk
1822-047     Grade GF/C circles, 47 mm, 100/pk
1822-050     Grade GF/C circles, 50 mm, 100/pk
1822-055     Grade GF/C circles, 55 mm, 100/pk
1822-070     Grade GF/C circles, 70 mm, 100/pk
1822-090     Grade GF/C circles, 90 mm, 100/pk
1822-100     Grade GF/C circles, 100 mm, 100/pk
1822-9916     Grade GF/C circles, 100 mm Individually bagged, 100/pk
1822-110     Grade GF/C circles, 110 mm, 100/pk
1822-125     Grade GF/C circles, 125 mm, 100/pk
1822-150     Grade GF/C circles, 150 mm, 100/pk
1822-849     Grade GF/C Sheets, 102 x 254 mm, 50/pk
1822-866     Grade GF/C sheets, 8 x 10 inch, 100/pk
1822-915     Grade GF/C sheets, 460 x 570 mm, 25/pk
1600-822     Grade GF/C FilterCup, (requires FilterCup stem, catalog number 1600-900), 25/pk
1922-1822     Disposable Filter Funnel 25 ml, GF/C, 50/pk

Grade GF/D
1823-007     Grade GF/D circles, 7 mm, 100/pk
1823-010     Grade GF/D circles, 10 mm, 100/pk
1823-021     Grade GF/D circles, 21 mm, 100/pk
1823-024     Grade GF/D circles, 24 mm, 100/pk
1823-025     Grade GF/D circles, 25 mm, 100/pk
1823-035     Grade GF/D circles, 35 mm, 100/pk
1823-042     Grade GF/D circles, 42.5 mm, 100/pk
1823-047     Grade GF/D circles, 47 mm, 100/pk
1823-055     Grade GF/D circles, 55 mm, 100/pk
1823-070     Grade GF/D circles, 70 mm, 100/pk
1823-090     Grade GF/D circles, 90 mm, 25/pk
1823-110     Grade GF/D circles, 110 mm, 25/pk
1823-125     Grade GF/D circles, 125 mm, 25/pk
1823-142     Grade GF/D circles, 142 mm, 25/pk
1823-150     Grade GF/D circles, 150 mm, 25/pk
1823-257     Grade GF/D circles, 257 mm, 25/pk
1823-915     Grade GF/D sheets, 460 x 570 mm, 25/pk

Grade GF/F
1825-021     Grade GF/F circles, 21 mm, 100/pk
1825-024     Grade GF/F circles, 24 mm, 100/pk
1825-025     Grade GF/F circles, 25 mm, 100/pk
1825-037     Grade GF/F circles, 37 mm, 100/pk
1825-042     Grade GF/F circles, 42.5 mm, 100/pk
1825-047     Grade GF/F circles, 47 mm, 100/pk
1825-055     Grade GF/F circles, 55 mm, 100/pk
1825-070     Grade GF/F circles, 70 mm, 100/pk
1825-090     Grade GF/F circles, 90 mm, 25/pk
1825-110     Grade GF/F circles, 110 mm, 25/pk
1825-125     Grade GF/F circles, 125 mm, 25/pk
1825-142     Grade GF/F circles, 142 mm, 25/pk
1825-150     Grade GF/F circles, 150 mm, 25/pk
1825-257     Grade GF/F circles, 257 mm, 25/pk
1825-293     Grade GF/F circles, 293 mm, 25/pk
1825-915     Grade GF/F sheets, 460 x 570 mm, 25/pk
1600-825     Grade GF/F FilterCup, (requires FilterCup stem, catalog number 1600-900), 25/pk

FilterCup Stem
1600-900     FilterCup stem, 1/pk


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