Glass Microfiber Filters

Whatman offers two types of glass microfiber filters manufactured from 100% borosilicate glass: binder free glass microfiber that is chemically inert and binder glass microfiber.

These depth filters combine fast flow rates with high loading capacity and the retention of very fine particle, extending into the sub-micron range. Glass microfiber filters can be used at temperatures up to 500°C and are ideal for use in applications involving air filtration and for gravimetric analysis of volatile materials where ignition is involved.

Whatman glass microfiber filters have a fine capillary structure and can absorb significantly larger quantities of water than an equivalent cellulose filter, making them suitable for spot tests and liquid scintillation counting methods. The filters can also be made completely transparent for subsequent microscopic examination.

The particle loading capacity of a filtration system can be greatly increased by using a prefilter. Whatman glass microfiber filters such as GF/B or GF/D are suited because of the low resistance to fluid flow and high particle loading capacity. Whatman Multigrade GMF 150 is particularly valuable for the prefiltration of larger volumes and solutions that are normally difficult to filter.

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