Hotplate Stirrers (Basic Models)

Operating Features

  • Hot Top Warning Indicator on the control panel will blink whenever the top plate temperature is over 50℃ to prevent accidental injuries.
  • Overheat prevention circuit turns off the heater if the top plate temperature reaches 450℃ for any reason.
  • Virtually no decoupling of magnetic stir bars even with viscous media or at high speeds.
  • Temperature limit can be set between 50 and 350℃.
  • Thanks to the built-in BLDC motor, stirring action stops instantly when the stirrer is turned off.

Constructional Features

  • Integrated design of the heater and the top plate provides exceptional heat transfer rate and quick heat up capability.
  • Fast and precise stirring operations even at high temperatures are enabled by the BLDC motor and a powerful magnet.
  • Non-slip heating bath with concavo-convex bottom prevents unintentional slips of the bath.
    (included for Advanced Models and optional for Basic Models)
  • A transparent safety shield protects users from liquid splashes or de-coupled stir bars during operations.
    (included for Advanced Models and optional for Basic Models)
  • Two support rods allow for diverse flexibility in configuring other test equipments and accessories.
    (included for Advanced Models and optional for Basic Models)
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