Market leading unique device designed to handle each and every type of test tube mixing with brilliant efficiency! No other device on the market can deliver the same efficiency processing small 0.5 ml test tubes and only one push of a button away run 50 ml tubes blotting then vortex 42 eppendorf tubes simultaneously!
This has become possible thank to the intelligent patented digital driver that utilises the power of world's most advanced stepper motor and allows to program various cycles of mixing, vibrating and rotating.

Item #                              Description                                                    Promo Price

IMIX-01                             RM-2L Intelli-mixer Large - Includes Mix Rack       $599.00

IMIX-04                             30mm test tube rack - RM-2L                               $72.10

IMIX-05                             16mm test tube rack - RM-2L                               $75.00

IMIX-06                             13mm test tube rack - RM-2L                               $63.33

IMIX-07                             11mm test tube rack - RM-2L                               $63.33

IMIX-08                             9mm test tube rack - RM-2L                                 $60.57

IMIX-09                             Mix rack - RM-2L                                                 $80.77

IMIX-10                             Blotting rack - RM-2L                                           $86.53

IMIX-11                             Rocking platform - RM-2L                                    $103.85

IMIX-12                             30mm test tube rack - RM-2M                              $69.22

IMIX-13                             16mm test tube rack - RM-2M                              $72.1

IMIX-14                             13mm test tube rack - RM-2M                              $57.68

IMIX-15                             11mm test tube rack - RM-2M                              $57.68

IMIX-16                             9mm test tube rack - RM-2M                                $57.68

IMIX-17                             Mix rack - RM-2M                                                $80.77

IMIX-18                             Blotting rack - RM-2M                                          $83.65

IMIX-19                             Rocking platform - RM-2M                                    $100.97

IMIX-20                             30mm test tube rack - RM-2S                              $69.22

IMIX-21                             16mm test tube rack - RM-2S                              $72.10

IMIX-22                             13mm test tube rack - RM-2S                              $57.68

IMIX-23                             11mm test tube rack - RM-2S                              $57.68

IMIX-24                             9mm test tube rack - RM-2S                                $57.68

IMIX-25                             Mix rack - RM-2S                                                $80.77

IMIX-26                             Blotting rack - RM-2S                                          $83.65

IMIX-27                             Rocking platform - RM-2S                                    $100.97

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