Low Temp. Recirculating Coolers (General Type)

Operating features

• Temperature range is from -20 and 40.
• Bright LED water level indicator can be easily identified.
• Low fluid level and dry-running protection when triggered shows an error symbol on the display and an 
   audible sound.
• If the equipment operates at 40? or above due to the external environment, user can simply identify the 
   error with a visual or an audible sound.
• Designed to simplify operation with a touch screen type display.
  - Easy-to-read VFD display with interactive touch keys.
  - Setting and resolution indication 0.1?/?.
  - Quick keypad lock prevents accidental parameter changes.
  - Signal indicator for operation status.

Constructional features

• The refrigerating system is designed to reduce energy consumption and to maximize in refrigerating 
• Eco-friendly R-404A / R507 refrigerant is used to prevent environmental pollution. Double service valve is 
   used to prevent refrigerant leakage.
• Removable gridded vent for reducing condenser contamination and to facilitate cleanliness.
• A wide (Ø120mm / 4.72?) solution inlet is for easy and safe pouring of solution into the recirculating cooler.
• Pressure gauge comes standard for observing the pump pressure
• The refrigeration system can be observed easily to diagnostic at a glance by high / low pressure gauges. 
   (HL-25H, 35H, 45H, 55H models)
• Wheels allow for easy mobility.
• The beautifully designed and compact.
• Different types of pumps come standard with the recirculating cooler to provide versatility.
• Warning alarm/monitoring system.
  - Over temperature.
  - Lack of bath solutions.
• Variety of accessories is available to meet user’s different lab environment needs.

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