• Flexible electrode arm
  • Automatic temperature compensation
  • Adjustable total dissolved solids factor
  • Display resolution 0.001/0.01/0.1
  • Resistivity measurements

The Model 541P Benchtop Conductivity Meters feature advanced software and micro-processing that expand accuracy while simplifying operation. The benchtop conductivity meters run a self-diagnostic test upon power up, log data up to 800 readings, and will automatically recognize up to four preprogrammed calibration standards. The benchtop conductivity meter's automatic read and endpoint sensing reduce keypad interaction. The benchtop conductivity meters also use the autoread function to check the stability of the measurement signal allowing for reproducible measurements. This sophisticated benchtop conductivity meter has special user features such as angled graphic display, large tactile buttons, and RS-232 output jack to enhance the partnership between operator and device.

The benchtop conductivity meters display temperature and conductivity on a large 4 digit LCD screen. An automatic shutoff energy saving feature allows the benchtop conductivity meters to avoid unnecessary battery depletion. For the best conductivity measurements the benchtop conductivity meters should be used with an integrated or external temperature probe. The benchtop conductivity meters offer linear, nonlinear, or no temperature compensation. The benchtop conductivity meters have an internal data memory that can manually or automatically store up to 800 datasets including date/time, ID number, measured value, temperature, and temperature measuring method. The Model 541P Benchtop Conductivity Meters can transmit data to a PC via a RS232 communication connection.

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