Micropacked Conversion Kits

  • Convert a capillary GC inlet and/or FID; for use with 1/16″ OD micropacked columns.
  • For use with Agilent 5890, 6890, and 7890 GCs.
  • Sample pathways deactivated for ultimate inertness.
Product Name:Micropacked Column Adaptor Kit for Split/Splitless Injection*
Kit includes: Dual Vespel Ring Inlet Seal, large bore; reducing nut, large bore; FID adaptor, large bore; 1/4″ ferrule, Vespel/graphite; 1/4″ nut, stainless steel; 1/16″ ferrules, Vespel/graphite (2); 4 mm splitless liner, intermediate polarity deactivated; 1/16″ nuts, stainless steel (2)
Benefits and Uses:
Complete kit with FID and injection port adaptors

Catalog#                    Product Name                                                                          Unit


22424                      Micropacked Column Adaptor Kit for Split/Splitless Injection*     Qty

22427                      Micropacked Column AdaptorKit Split/SplitlessInjection                Qty

22426                     Micropacked Column Adaptor Kit for Split/Splitless Injection         Qty

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