Microplate Stability Chamber
The Microplate Stability Chamber is a tool proven to reduce the variation often experienced in cell-based assays. This chamber is inserted into standard or CO2 incubators. Traditional incubators often create heterogeneous environments for cell growth and biochemical assays due to frequent door openings and "hot spots" within the incubator. This chamber uses the incubator heat and atmosphere to create a homogeneous microenvironment for microwell plates. High humidity within the chamber eliminates evaporation from the plates that causes the edge effect. The thick aluminum shelf distributes heat evenly to the plates thus creating excellent temperature uniformity. Variation in cell-based assays has been reduced by as much as 50% using the Microplate Stability Chamber. The chamber includes a fan powered by a 120V power converter.

Microplate Stability Tray
The shelf used in the Microplate Stability Chamber can improve temperature uniformity of microwell plates in incubators. The anodized aluminum shelf holds six plates. One included with unit.


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