Specifications: Temperature may be adjusted up to 2500¦F + Tough aluminum body holds 20 cc of butane + Single filling provides 1-1/2 hours of operating time + Height is 6-1/2 inches + Diameter 1-15/16 inch + Weight is 7 ounces Mini-Burner Complete Kit Complete Description A handheld powerhouse Quickly heat anythingùfrom test tubes to solderùanywhere, from the fume hood to the field. Bunsen burner is self-starting. Simply press the automatic piezoelectric-ignition button for an instant, adjustable anti-flare flame. No batteries or matches are needed. One fill burns 1-1/2 hours Precision needle valve adjusts temperature by varying gas flow. Unit heats up to 2500¦F. Mini-BurnerÖ refills easily with inexpensive butane fuel. Tough aluminum body holds 20 cc of butane. Single filling provides 1-1/2 hours of operating time. Use stand or hold in your hand Can be held in your hand at any angle or used with the built-in stand. Ideal for soldering, sterilizing, annealing wire, heating shrink tubing, repairing electronics, fixing metal tubing leaks, or bending glass, plastic, or metal. Height is 6-1/2 inches, diameter 1-15/16 inch. Weight is 7 ounces. Kit includes Mini-BurnerÖ, Bunsen head, and six attachment tips (heat-shrink tubing, precision soldering, hot-knife cutting, polyfoam cutting, interchangeable tip, and hot blowtorch). Also includes hands-free stand, wire cutter, needle nose pliers, and plastic carrying case. Butane not included. Control Company Cat. No. 291-3400 Mini-BurnerÖ Complete Kit Control Company Cat. No. 291-3401 Mini-BurnerÖ with stand, Bunsen head, and two tips (blowtorch and solder) Control Company Cat. No. 291-3402 Butane Fill (approximately 5 hour use) (2-1/2 oz)

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