Model 316P Conductivity Meters

The Pinnacle 316P Portable Conductivity Meters are microprocessor controlled. With auto endpoint, Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) information, data input capability (for reference temperature and solids factors), and data logging for up to ten values, these versatile portable conductivity meters simplify data research. Pinnacle's exclusive design includes an ultrasonically sealed case and special electrode connectors to ensure that the portable conductivity meters have an IP67 rating (dust-tight and waterproof to a depth of one meter (3.3 feet)). Up to 800 endpoint results can also be stored in the portable conductivity meter's memory. A rugged hard case helps protect and organize the portable conductivity meters and their accessories.

The portable conductivity meters display temperature and either mg/l, mS/cm, uS/cm, or MΩcm on a large 4 digit LCD screen. The portable conductivity meter uses its autoread function to check the stability of the conductivity or TDS measurement signal so that good measurements can be taken. There are several conductivity ranges available for the portable conductivity meters and each conductivity meter will autorange to maintain the correct range. The 316P Portable Conductivity Meters automatically measure the temperature of the sample with the integrated temperature sensor of the conductivity electrode, however the portable conductivity meters also have a manual temperature adjustment feature if an external temperature reference isn't available. The portable conductivity meters also offer linear, nonlinear, or no temperature compensation.

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