MXT®-Alumina BOND/MAPD Columns (Siltek®-treated stainless steel PLOT)

  • Optimized deactivation produces maximum response when analyzing trace levels of acetylene, methyl acetylene, and propadiene.
  • Stable response factors make this column ideal for process-type applications where recalibration must be minimized.
  • High loadability reduces peak tailing and improves separations.
  • Extended temperature range up to 250 °C for fast elution of high molecular weight (HMW) hydrocarbons and accelerated column regeneration following exposure to water.
  • Metal Siltek®-treated tubing is incredibly durable, allowing MXT® columns to be tightly coiled without breaking for use in smaller GC ovens.

Restek's R&D chemists have optimized the deactivation technology applied to our MXT®-Alumina BOND/MAPD column for improved analysis of trace concentrations of polar hydrocarbons like acetylene, methyl acetylene, and propadiene in hydrocarbon streams containing higher levels of C1-C5 hydrocarbons. Our new Alumina PLOT deactivation produces an incredibly inert column that offers superior reproducibility and stable response factors to maximize the number of analyses before recalibration is required. Its high sample capacity reduces peak tailing, thereby improving the separation of target compounds. In addition, a 250 °C maximum operating temperature lets you more quickly elute hydrocarbons up to dodecane and reduces regeneration time when the column is exposed to water from samples or carrier gases. Stainless steel MXT® columns offer the ruggedness needed for process gas chromatographs or field instruments and can also be tightly coiled without breaking for installation in smaller GC ovens.

catalog#       length iddfcolumn configunits
       30 m
       0.53 mm
     10 μm
     7″ 11-pin cage   

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