MXT® “Y”-Union Connector Kits

  • Low-dead-volume, leak-tight connection.
  • Reusable.
  • Siltek® treatment ensures maximum inertness.
  • Ideal for connecting a guard column or transfer line to an analytical column.
  • Use to oven temperatures of 360 °C.
  • Available in union and “Y” configurations.
  • Can also be used for connecting fused silica to metal.

These MXT® connectors can be used with fused silica tubing because of a Valcon polyimide, 1/32-inch, one-piece fused silica adaptor. This unique graphite-reinforced composite allows a capillary column to slide into the adaptor and be locked in place simply by loosening and tightening the fitting.

Each kit contains the MXT® union; three 1/32-inch nuts; and three, one-piece, fused silica adaptors

catalog #fits column idunits
For 0.25 mm ID Fused Silica Columns
For 0.32 mm ID Fused Silica Columns
For 0.53 mm ID Fused Silica Columns  

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