Paper for Ignition Strength (IS) Measurement of Cigarettes

Ignition Strength of Cigarettes according to ASTM standard  E 2187-04. This certified Grade 2 is tested according to the procedure detailed in ASTM E 2187-04, Sections 9.3.1 and 9.3.2. The paper meets both the conditioned (26.1±0.5 g, SD <  0.3 g) and dried (24.7±0.5 g, SD < 0.3 g) weight requirements.

The lot specific certificate can be downloaded from the Certificates Section.

Ignition Strength Testing of Cigarettes

Features and Benefits

    Each lot is guaranteed to meet the ASTM E 2187-04 specifications
    Simplifies testing process by eliminating lot suitability testing
    Lot specific certificate is downloadable from the web
    Just condition and use

    1002-147     Grade 2 Circles, 150mm, Certified for IS Testing, 100/pk
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