Pinnacle® DB PAH UHPLC Columns

Pinnacle DB columns are 100% manufactured by Restek in our Bellefonte, Pennsylvania facility. Because performance begins with the support, our Pinnacle® DB UHPLC columns start with highly base-deactivated spherical silica that is optimized for UHPLC stability. From there, we bond them with a wide variety of phases to give chromatographers a stable and selective column. Get the most out of your UHPLC system. Combine selectivity and efficiency by using Restek Pinnacle® DB UHPLC columns.

  • Complete resolution of EPA 610 PAHs in less than 4 minutes.
  • Greatly reduces run times, increasing sample throughput.

particle size: 1.9 μm
pore size: 140 Å
endcap: yes
pH range: 2.5 to 8
temperature limit: 80 °C

catalog #       lengthid   units
      30 mm
   2.1 mm  
      50 mm
   2.1 mm
      100 mm
   2.1 mm

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