Prism™ Air-Cooled Microcentrifuge

Development of the Prismâ„¢ started with feedback from our thousands of Life Science customers worldwide. We summarized this feedback and put our design and development teams to work to create an easy-to-use, high performance centrifuge in a modern and attractive form. Our new friction fit lid latching system combines reliability and safety with easy operation. The updated control panel with a single large control knob and easy to read Liquid Crystal Display provides an intuitive interface for operation. Speed (in RPM or G-Force) and run time can be quickly and accurately set and actual speed and time remaining are displayed during a run.

  • Unique Multi-Flow air cooling technology
  • Includes easy access rotor with optional StripSpin
  • Quiet operation with easy to use control panel
  • Quick acceleration and deceleration time

Our latest air-cooled microcentrifuge incorporates knowledge we have developed over 25 years in the centrifuge business. We know that combining high speed performance, quiet operation, and effective air cooling into one compact instrument is not a simple engineering task. But we have achieved this objective with our unique air-flow and motor drive technologies, and are proud to now offer our latest and greatest high speed microcentrifuge

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