Quantitative Filter Papers Grade 589/2

‘White Ribbon Filter’ – ashless standard filter paper for medium fine
precipitates (class 2b acc. to DIN 53 135) offering medium filtration speed.
Applied in a variety of routine methods in quantitative analysis, e.g.,
determination of the sand content in foodstuffs; determination of the grade of
flour; or analysis of aqueous suspensions in the paper industry. Also available
prepleated as Grade 589/2 1/2.

10300102Grade 589/2 circles, 12.7 mm, 1000/pk
10300103Grade 589/2 circles, 40.5 mm, 100/pk
10300106Grade 589/2 circles, 50 mm, 100/pk
10300107Grade 589/2 circles, 55 mm, 100/pk
10300108Grade 589/2 circles, 70 mm, 100/pk
10300109Grade 589/2 circles, 90 mm, 100/pk
10300110Grade 589/2 circles, 110 mm, 100/pk
10300111Grade 589/2 circles, 125 mm, 100/pk
10300112Grade 589/2 circles, 150 mm, 100/pk
10300114Grade 589/2 circles, 185 mm, 100/pk
10300120Grade 589/2 circles, 240 mm, 100/pk
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