Rtx®-200 Secondary Columns for GCxGC (fused silica)

(midpolarity phase; Crossbond® trifluoropropylmethyl polysiloxane)

  • Convenient 2 m length is ideal for use as a secondary column in GCxGC analyses.
  • General purpose column.
  • Temperature range: -20 °C to 340 °C.

Rtx®-200 columns have accomplished many difficult separations not possible on any other bonded stationary phase. Many analysts consider these the best, most inert midpolarity columns available. The trifluoropropyl stationary phase has a unique selectivity that changes elution orders and resolves compounds that phenyl, cyano, or Carbowax® phases can not. The Rtx®-200 column offers exceptional thermal stability, low bleed, and superior inertness—even for active compounds such as phenols, and with sensitive detectors such as ECDs, NPDs, and MSDs.

Catalog#  Length    Id                 Df            Unit

       2 m
       0.18 mm
       0.18 μm
       2 m
       0.15 mm
       0.15 μm      
       2 m
       0.25 mm
       0.25 μm

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