• Large digital display provides simultaneous output of pH and temperature
  • Optional three-in-one electrode offers pH and temperature measurement capabilities in one probe
  • AC/DC adapter (included) or battery powered (six AA)

Designed for ease of use, the Model 425 Scholar™ Bench Top pH meters have a simple three button interface to make measurements quick and easy. Because automatic temperature compensation (ATC) capability is standard on these bench top pH meters, accurate pH determination is ensured-whether you're a student just learning how to measure pH, or a graduate student with specific and highly accurate measurement needs. An optional low maintenance, gel-filled electrode can be used with the bench top pH meters and is ideal for multiple-user environments.
The bench top pH meters display temperature and pH on a large 4 digit LCD screen. The bench top pH meters use their autoread function to automatically detect the endpoint and display the buffer symbol on the screen. For the best pH measurements the bench top pH meters should be used with an ATC probe. If an ATC probe is used with the 425 Bench Top pH Meters the buffer value reading is automatically corrected for the measured temperature, however if you are not using an ATC probe the bench top pH meter assumes a temperature of 25 ° C (77 ° F). The bench top pH meters have been designed to be virtually maintenance free and only need an occasional wipe with a damp cloth.

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