Stabilwax® Secondary Columns for GCxGC (fused silica)

  • Convenient 2 m length is ideal for use as a secondary column in GCxGC analyses.
  • Most stable polyethylene glycol (PEG) phase available.
  • Rugged enough to withstand repeated water injections.
  • Temperature range: 40 °C to 260 °C.

KSE’s polar-deactivated surface tightly binds the Carbowax® polymer and increases thermal stability, relative to competitive columns. Because of the increased stability produced by the bonding process, Stabilwax® columns exhibit long column lifetimes, even when programming repeatedly up to 260 °C. The bonding mechanism of the column also produces polar compound retention times that do not shift as is often observed on other wax-type columns. In addition, this bonding mechanism produces a column that can be rejuvenated by solvent washing. Stabilwax® columns are used for a wide range of compounds and matrices including: FAMEs, flavor compounds, essential oils, solvents, aromatics including xylene isomers, acrolein/acrylonitrile (EPA 603), and oxygenated compounds. Also used for purity testing of chemicals and analyzing impurities in water matrices and alcoholic beverages.

151122m0.15 mm0.15 μmea
151182m0.18 mm0.18 μmea
151252m0.25 mm0.25 μmea
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