Temp & Humid Chamber (TG / ICH type)

The temperature & humidity chamber units comply with the ICH guidelines. Stability Testing Q1A (R2)-ICH, TG Chamber Models.
Photostability Testing Q1B (Option 2)-ICH Chamber Models.

Model Name


Constructional Features

  • High quality #304 stainless steel exterior and interior.
  • Casters for easy mobility when installing or moving environmental test chamber.
  • Convenient maintenance
    - Available to check total operating time.
  • Unique door lock & trim.
  • Vice lock type door and foam silicone packing to ensure a perfect seal.
  • Cable port for external probes or wires.
  • 50mm diameter cable port comes standard on the left side of the unit. Additional 50mm or 80mm diameter cable ports can be custom ordered. (optional)
  • Container type tank for easy adding and changing of water.
    - Maintenance of the water tank can be easily performed from the front side.
  • Door lock.
  • Cyclic defrost functions does not affect the temperature and humidity control for extended operation.
    (Under 15℃ set value)
  • Powerful two Sirocco fans maintains a constant airflow in the chamber.

Safety Features

  • Leakage breaker for power supply.
  • Over current protection.
  • Overheat / overcool protection.
  • Switch-off after alarm for over heating.
  • Water empty alarm.
  • Door open alarm.
  • Vice lock door type locking mechanism.

Operating Features

  • Microprocess PID control / Auto-tuning / Calibration.
  • Digital LCD display with touch-sensitive 7 keypads.
  • Easy operation with wide LCD screen.
    - Temperature and humidity / timer settings and operation condition.
  • Program patterns are memorized for 10 years due to a battery built into the PCB.
  • Expansion parameter inputs. (conveniently display by letters)
  • Programming operation.
  • Computer interface.
    - Software provided.
    - Save data in excel format.
    - Storage of program information, backup of value settings / recovery, and temperature / humidity values.
    - RS-232C port as standard offer.
  • Chart recorder. (optional)
    - 6-point dots type recorder with digital display.
    - Digital recorder. (6-channels)

Additional TH-ICH 300/800 Features

  • In the event of a validation the apparatus correctly controls each light and then transfers accurate data and is equipped with light sensors. (UV light sensor / VIS light sensor)
  • Samples that have to be exposed to the light in which it is completely near the UV energy of less than 200W-hr/m2 is provided to compare directly the results from overall intensity of less than 1.20 million lux-hr, drug substances and reagent.
  • Total fluorescent lamp and UV lamp indicator and operating time indicator.

Safety Features

  • Leakage breaker for power supply.
  • Over current protection.
  • Overheat protection.
  • Switch-off after alarm for over heating.
  • Door open alarm.
  • Water empty.
  • Vice lock door type locking mechanism. (optional)
  • Alarm for completed Photostability Test. (only TH-ICH Models)

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