* To order product in 230V, add -230V to the end of the catalog number
* Safety shutdown position eliminates dripping and accidental discharge
* Large digital display replaces meniscus readings
* Safer and more accurate than glass burettes
* 360º swivel neck
* Store and download titration values

Product Information
The Titramax Digital Buret provides a highly accurate, reliable and safe alternative to traditional glass burettes.
Special attention was paid to safety and convenience during the design of the Titramax. The buret fits directly onto the reagent bottle, eliminating pouring and the risk of hazardous chemical spills. When filling, only the bellows on the top of the unit move, keeping it from becoming top heavy and allowing for safe use on small vessels. Recirculating valves allow for air purging without loss of reagent. The swivel neck permits convenient dispensing in any direction. Turning the valves to the safety position when not in use prevents dripping and accidental discharge. Titration values are displayed digitally, eliminating tedious meniscus readings and calculations.
The Titramax?s powerful memory can store a maximum of 500 titration values. Using the optional TitraLink interface kit and TitraSoft software package, stored values can be downloaded to a PC for documentation or later use. The memory is retained when recharging the NiCd battery or powering the unit with the supplied AC adapter/charger.
Excellent accuracy (±0.1%) is achieved across the entire 50 ml volume range. Calibration is easily adjusted to accommodate solutions of varying viscosities. The Titramax is supplied with recharger and adapters to fit most standard bottles.

Catalog Number Item Description
D5900 Titramax Digital Buret with recharger and adapters. 120V*
D5910 Titramax Digital Buret with fine volume control, 120V*
D5915 TitraLink interface kit with TitraSoft PC download software

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