Vacuum Filtration

Vacuum filters are very useful in large volume sample separation and purification.
• 2 membrane pore sizes of 0.22ºm 
• 3 volume sizes of 125, 250 and 500 mL
• Light weight and heavy wall construction
• Large knurls on the reservoir bottle cap for easy screw
• Wide and easy access bottle mouth design for efficient and stable pour out
• Engraved graduation markings insure veracity
• Ergonomically designed sidewalls and collar can simplify tightening/loosening and adjustments
• Hose connector can fit multiple hose diameters
• Non-pyrogenic

Ordering Information

Packaged in easy, peel-to-open plastic bag. Receiver bottle cap is individually wrapped
• Each individual unit is lot-numbered for easy identification and tracking
• Gamma irradiation sterilized

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