Viva C4 5um


Excellent for separating peptides or proteins.
    Rugged, spherical particles, with 300Å pore size.
    High proportion of pore/surface area available to large molecules.

Viva columns are based on a wide pore material we designed for optimal large molecule separations. In developing Viva silica, we found that although many commercial wide-pore silicas meet the standard 300Å mean pore size, most have very broad distributions about this mean, with a significant portion of their pore volume falling below 150Å. This means a large portion of the surface area is unavailable to larger molecules. Viva columns have a narrow distribution around the mean pore size, permitting a larger portion of the silica surface to play a role in the separation.

particle size: 5µm, spherical
pore size: 300Å
carbon load: 3.5%
endcap: yes
pH range: 2.5 to 8
temperature limit: 80 degrees C

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