Waving Shaker

Adjustable tilt angle and precise digital speed control providing desired rocking or waving motion Designed for time-dependent and low rpm sensitive applications such as ELISA, enzyme immunoassays, protein synthesis, hybridization staining/destaining gels, pharmaceutical profiling, etc.

Operating Features

  • Microprocessor PID control
  • Digital speed control providing gentle to vigorous motion
    - Waving shaker: 8 to 100 rpm
  • Easy to adjust tilt angle
    - Waving shaker: 0~ 13°
  • One-touch timer range: 1 min to 100 hr

Constructional Features

  • Equipped with a maintenance-free BLDC motor to generate smooth, quiet, uniform, and yet powerful shaking motion
  • Vivid and colorful vacuum fluorescent display (VFD) with touch-sensitive keypad.
  • Compact and lightweight design allowing for use inside incubators, environmental chambers, refrigerators, cold rooms, etc.
  • Three types of removable rubber mat for easy transport of well-plates, test tubes, etc.
    (included Dimpled mat, and optional Rubber mat, Universal harness)

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