Z233 M-2 High Capacity MicroCentrifuge

The Z233 M2 microcentrifuge has been designed to provide total control over operating parameters. A microprocessor, brushless induction drive, high speed capabilities, and unmatched capacity make the Z233 M2 the ultimate in high performance.

  • Unmatched Capacity, 44 x 1.5ml
  • High speed - up to 15,000rpm/21,380 x g
  • Whisper quiet brushless induction drive
  • Precise, microprocessor control
  • Automatic g-force conversion program

Operating parameters, including speed/g-force and run time are set using easy to turn knobs while their values are shown on large digital displays. Both rpm and g-force can be displayed during a run. Acceleration and deceleration rates can be set at fast or slow. Momentary spins are achieved by pressing the quick button.

A rugged housing, heavy duty lid lock and hinge as well as a stainless steel bowl make the Z 233 series microcentrifuges durable workhorses. Seven rotor options are available.

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