Z300 Non-Refrigerated, Medium Capacity Centrifuge

The Z300 is the most economical of the universal microprocessor controlled units in the Hermle line. This centrifuges accommodates microplates and tubes up to 100 ml in swing-out and fixed angle rotors. A broad speed range and high g-force make them ideal for applications from clinical to molecular biology.

  • Maximum speed 13,500rpm/17,310 x g
  • Automatic rotor identification and g-force conversion
  • Microprocessor control

A digital microprocessor controls all operating parameters including speed and time. Over-speed conditions are eliminated by the rotor recognition program which automatically identifies each rotor and limits it to the maximum rated speed. Improperly loaded rotors trigger the safety imbalance detection system which stops operation of the centrifuge.

The powerful, induction drive in the Z300 centrifuges quickly accelerates rotors to the preset speed. Two acceleration and deceleration rates can be chosen to protect fragile samples. Operation of the centrifuge may be timed, continuous or momentary

Ambient air circulates throughout the chamber of the Z300 preventing significant rises in sample temperature.

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