Z383 & Refrigerated Z383K, Hi-Speed, Hi-Capacity Centrifuge

The Z383 series accepts tubes up to 500 ml in a variety of swing out and angle rotors. In addition, the centrifuges will accept a variety of high speed angle rotors for tubes up to 85 ml. High speed capabilities and large capacity rotors make the Z383 and Z383 K the ultimate in intelligent centrifuges.

  • Maximum speed 17,000rpm/26,810 x g
  • 10 levels of braking intensity
  • Microprocessor control with g-force conversion and program memory
  • Multiple swing out, angle and high speed rotor options

The Z383 series operating system is based on advanced, easy to use microprocessor control and rotor recognition. Feedback systems automatically limit each rotor to its rated maximum speed. A centrifugal radius correction function compensates for various tubes, adapters and inserts so that an extremely accurate g-value is calculated and displayed. The hybrid control panel combines modern microprocessor control and easy turn knobs. All parameters are entered with knobs while their values are displayed digitally. Repetitive runs are simple - just press the start key. Up to ten programs can be stored in memory and recalled

The brushless induction drives in these centrifuges are powerful, yet extremely quiet. The motors accelerate all rotors to speed quickly. Braking level is fully adjustable

The powerful refrigeration system in the Z383K maintains all rotors at or below 4°C, even at maximum speed. The pre-cool function cools the rotor and centrifuge before a run to protect temperature sensitive samples.

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